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Steering wheels, boss kits, horn buttons and steering wheel accessories

Enrico Nardi was born in Bologna, Italy in 1907. In adulthood he soon became an engineer, a man with fine intuitions and a great practical sense.

Moving to Modena in 1937 Nardi became the first Ferrari's test driver and then a business consultant before going on to found a partnership company called "Nardi-Danese" together with racing driver ,Renato Danese in 1946. It is the initials of these two men that gave rise to the iconic "ND" logo.

In 1958 he rekindled the cooperation with Enzo Ferrari who, having always paid a great attention to details of his cars, equipped many of his production Ferrari's with Nardi steering wheels. Nardi's inexhaustible passion for anything on four wheels and great talent drove him towards a career as a businessman with a varied and original production line, which was initially embodied by motor cars and parts production and later by his world-famous steering wheels.

Two years after Nardi's untimely death in 1966 the Nardi trademark was bought from Personal and in 1990, Nardi Italia S.p.A. was founded as a completely autonomous company. Located in Varese, Italy, it is continuing production based both on sporty steering wheels under the "Personal" trademark and classic steering wheels with "Nardi" trademark.

These two brands during the years have been chosen as supplier to some of the most prestigious car manufacturers in the world, including Ferrari, Lancia, Audi, Maserati, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Jaguar, Lotus, TVR, McLaren, BMW, Volkswagen and Abarth.