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Steering wheels, boss kits, horn buttons and steering wheel accessories

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Momo Prototipo for Ferrari F355 and 360


This package consists of a genuine Momo Prototipo steering wheel with alloy hub kit and Ferrari logo horn button. The alloy hiub kit will fit directly to the removable hub base of the OEM steering wheel on hte Ferrari 355 and 360, enabling you to continue using the horn and indicator mechanism. This package also includes the resistor wiring to prevent the airbag warning light from illuminating.


BRAND: Momo Prototipo


FINISH: Black leather, white stitching, stainless steel spokes.

STYLE: Very slight dish

HORN BUTTON: Ferrari emblem horn button included.

HUB KIT: The hub kit is made from 6082 T6 aluminium and is fitted with helicoil thread inserts.

It attaches directly to the genuine Ferrari steering wheel base on the original factory wheel...a simple 4 bolt fitment.

The package contains the resistor wiring to prevent the airbag warning light from illuminating.

There are no other parts required...this package contains all the parts you require to replace the original airbag steering wheel, simply re-use your existing steering wheel base and clock-spring (As shown in photograph 5 for illustration)

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